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My training is unique in that I bring to the table real life experience with crime, and teach what you really need to know to prevail with a handgun. My Michigan CCW/CPL course is not a shooting course alone, but rather a way of accomplishing certain results in self - defense with a handgun. The three hours of range time you spend with me will be challenging. You will be doing something different every two minutes or so, and everything will come together in the end to make you not simply a "good shot" with a handgun, but one who is able to utilize a firearm effectively and with certainty in the event of a violent attack.


                                   The Classroom Session


The class is conducted using a thematic narrative approach wherein a variety of situations will be presented for open discussion to bring out the primary concerns of those attending the class. A clear understanding of what to do to save you from both a legal and survival standpoint will be emphasized. You will leave class with more than a certificate. Questions that come to you at any time after the class can be answered by simply calling me at anytime.


                                         The Range Class


Range class time is devoted to providing you with the knowledge and skills you will need should you face a confrontation that requires a firearm to save your life. Target shooting skills are secondary to defensive shooting skills; therefore the emphasis will be on defensive shooting concepts.