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I was raised in a firearm free household where guns were considered as tools to be used only by the military and law enforcement. At the age of 18, I found out the hard way after suffering a violent attack by a gang and narrowly escaping with my life that there is a place for more than ordinary means to defend oneself.


After undergoing surgery to repair the extensive damage I had suffered such that I couldn't work for two months. I became interested in the Martial Arts at the urgings of a good friend and spent the next twenty five years in the study of Karate, Judo, and Aikido. I taught self - defense classes and Martial Arts classes at the local YWCA for some time, and enjoyed teaching people simple ways to protect themselves' utilizing the power of their body and mind.


I became aware of the possible need for a firearm to defend oneself after being on the wrong end of a barrel more than once. I also treated victims of violent crime in inner city Detroit for 12 years and saw on a daily basis the results of gunshot victims, stabbing victims, and people who suffered horrific beatings as I had. I realized that there was a common denominator in all of the cases I had come in contact with. They were attacked when they didn't expect it, and there was never anyone around to help them. They were all completely and entirely on their own.


Seeing the senseless results of violence on a daily basis brought me to the realization that there are people in the world who really will take your life for no reason at all in some cases, and for me that was not an acceptable position to allow myself to be in ever again at any time in my life.