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                                                Mark's Vision


I am a firearms instructor because I believe with all my heart that everyone deserves the right to preserve their life from the potential attack of someone who would take it for their own reasons or for no reason at all. I believe that the questions one needs to answer are; "Do I want to be prepared to protect myself in the event of a violent criminal attack, and if so, at what times would I like to have this ability? All of the time, or just sometimes when I think it may be dangerous?" When you have answered these questions for yourself, come and take my course. You will gain a new sense of confidence in yourself and your ability to defend your life or the life of someone else, and there is no substitute for that.


Most people think about preventing criminal attack only after they have been attacked, or someone close to them has suffered an attack. Remember, the attack that could happen to you may be the one and only attack you ever have, but it will be one in which you will have to prevail, or the life you cherish will be lost, and those who depend on you and love you will lose you also. Don't wait, give yourself the gift of knowing how to protect your life now, and hope you never have to use it, but know that you are prepared if the time of need should arise.

                                    About Us


Personal Protection Training for all experience levels given in a non-intimidating, supportive learning environment.


To provide education and training in the realistic and practical application of self - defense methods for those who choose to incorporate a firearm into their personal protection plan. The objective of my courses will always be to enable an individual to stand a greater chance of survival with limited risk of injury in the event of a violent criminal attack.